Karon Beach Restaurant Phuket
Phuket Hotel & Restaurant "Tropical Fusion Cuisine", Now you can sample flavours from Mexico, Thailand, South America, and more, all under one roof at reasonable prices. Plus Las Margaritas also offers many traditional Continental Cuisine items.

Friendly Atmosphere and Great Rooms Too !!!

Check Rates at Paradise Inn
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Phuket Mexican and Thai Food
Sandwiches, Thai Food and A'la Carte
100 - 200 baht
(3 - 6 USD)
Tropical Fusion Cuisine
Complete Dinners (Salad Buffet Free) 195 - 295 baht (6 - 9 USD)
Phuket Steakhouse Restaurant
Steak Dinners and Fajitas (include Free Salad Buffet) 275 - 395 baht (9 - 12 USD)
Cocktails - Beer - Wine - Margaritas by the liter
Fine Food & Accommodation